PSB Senior Design Project Submission Portal

Our engineers are the product of rigorous education in engineering fundamentals and practice and are highly sought by companies in the U.S. and worldwide. Industry-based design projects are essential to provide engineering students with the opportunity to apply their technical knowledge to actual problems. The experience helps students bridge the gap between their academic and professional careers by exposing them to the technical demands, potential pitfalls, and professional expectations of practicing engineers.

Sponsoring a senior design project can enable you to:

  1. Explore the application of new technologies on back burner projects with low-cost and low-risk
  2. Take a close look at creative and energetic students who may make great employees for your company.
  3. Draw from faculty expertise in a variety of disciplines and take advantage of the resources and libraries of a world-class research university.
  4. Provide an enriching opportunity for students to use their valuable education in an industrial situation.